The history of this ship can be traced back to the very beginning. It was built in 1920 at the shipyard Adolf Ustrup's Baadebyggerie in Bronsodde on the Veljefjörd and came to be used for fishing commerce under the name,  "ELISABETH af Agtrupvig". Apparently, the first owner had other ideas for the ship in mind. As a smuggling ship, it was soon confiscated  by the Danish customs authorities and came by way of auction to Aasa,  to end up in the hands of an honest fisherman. From 1923-1958, Fjellerupstrand was home. In 1929, the ship just barely escaped destruction by the forces of nature during a severe winter storm. She drifted helplessly, covered in thick ice, until finally reaching the shore. Sadly,  19 other cutters were lost there in the same night.  Starting in1958, the ship went by its new name, HANNEMUNK- named after the daughter of the fisherman - fishing from the Bönnerupstrand . In 1961, a new change of ownership led HANNENMUNK through the Limfjord to Nykobing. However, a specific fishing regulation was in place in this region, to reduce the size of the catches to limit the overall fishing volume. In a short time, the ship was passed through several hands as ELSE MARIE, MALENE and PIA SUNDSTRUP. Until the late 1970s, she remained in service as a fishing vessel, probably not always quite legal, as it was reported by the fishing authorities. A Danish apprentice to boat building from Hobro then inherited the hopeless wreck of a ship and attempted to repair it, against the advice of experts. After 1 ½ years, however, the Danish man decided in favor of his wife. Shortly thereafter, HANNEMUNK was taken over in 1984 by a Bremen enthusiast and elaborately restored. In her second life as "Lystbåd", she came back temporarily to Denmark, and after 25 years she found her place in Glückstadt on the Elbe. More insight into the history of the yard of Adolf Ustrup is available in the net at: 
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